Most best Smartphone Games in 2020

These were the best smartphone games of 2020:

 2018's Most best Smartphone Games



The most popular version of the Royal Battle of the Royal Game PlayerUnogn’s Battleground or PUBG Mobile is the most popular small screen game of 2018. Earlier this year, this game was declared the best game of 2018 in the Google Play Store and it has already been broken. 100 million mark in download


Fortnite is a building sport of existence in which crafting and construction elements are characterized by. Fight against the hordes of monsters with online friends, collecting resources to build individual bases to defend against tireless attacks in the night. See full details. Fortnite is another battle in the list, Royale is a multiplayer game where the main objective of a player is to stay alive till the end. Developed by Epic Games, FortNight has added more than 10 million players within the first few weeks of its launch, which is commendable because this game is not available on Google Play Store and it needs to be downloaded from Epic’s website. However, iOS device users can download games from Apple’s app store.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Arcade Racing Game succeeded asphalt 8, a popular racing game launched in 2013 and has licensed cars from the largest car brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Koenigseg, and has fantastic graphics.

PES 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the mobile version of the very popular windows and console games of the same name. The game has downloaded more than 10 million on Google’s Play Store and features smooth graphics, in which the in-game characters are similar to their real-life counterparts.

Shadogan Legends:

The game has been established in a future world where humanity is fighting against foreign invasions and Shadogans, warriors and the last line of hero defense. The game is available for download on Android, iOS and TVOS platforms.

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